In the US, the Twitter blue tick now costs eight dollars a month

Twitter has launched Elon Musks new $8-a-month subscription plan in the United States and several other countries.All is not set in stone just yet, but Musk wants to quickly roll out Twitter Blue globally.

Twitter has launched Elon Musks new $8-a-month subscription plan in the United States and several other countries.All is not set in stone just yet, but Musk wants to quickly roll out Twitter Blue globally.

Twitter updated its app on Saturday and now charges $8 a month to use the coveted white tick on a blue verification badge.Until now, the symbols with the check mark, which guarantee the authenticity of the Twitter profile, have been assigned free of charge. Above all, the accounts of celebrities, companies, and users with many followers, such as politicians or journalists, were marked with it.

In its update for Apple devices, Twitter said anyone who signs up for the new service now will get the blue tick next to their username, just like the celebrities, businesses, and politicians you already follow.Other benefits of the update include half the ads, the ability to post longer videos on Twitter, and better placement for high-quality content.

Since 2009, the verification hooks have been intended to guarantee the authenticity of a profile and help prevent someone from posing as a celebrity.Before this change, Twitter had around 423,000 verified accounts, many of which were from journalists around the world who got the tick regardless of their follower count.

Experts warn that without such a system, Twitters 238 million daily users may find it difficult to determine whether the accounts theyre getting information from are genuine. This is Elon Musks first major overhaul of the social media platform since he took over Twitter. The new verified service is initially rolling out in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Once we know its working well in the first few countries and weve completed the translation work, it will be rolled out globally, Musk said on Saturday, according to Reuters. According to industry services, the full functions of the subscription model, including verification ticks, were not yet activated.

Twitter product manager Esther Crawford also wrote : The new Blue is not live yet. However, some updates may already be seen in real time, she added. Even existing, verified accounts have not yet lost their ticks, with which the authenticity of a profile was previously guaranteed. advertisement Since Musk completed the Twitter takeover a week ago, he has launched a dramatic transformation of the Internet service. Among other things, around half of the 7,500 employees were made redundant, as confirmed by Twitter security chief Yoel Roth. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey took responsibility for this on Saturday. I grew the company too fast, he wrote on Twitter. I apologize for that.

UN urge Musk to protect human rights on Twitter

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, meanwhile called on Musk to protect human rights on the short message service. In an open letter to Musk, Turk wrote that the start after the dismissal of the Twitter team responsible for human rights was not encouraging. Twitter is part of a global revolution that has reshaped communication. He sees Twitters role in it with concern. Twitter must understand the harm associated with its platform and take action to avert it. Human rights must be protected by Twitter management, Turk demanded. Since Musk took over Twitter, hate posts on the short message portal have increased. Advertisers are already walking away. Volkswagen and food giant General Mills put their advertising bookings on the social media platform on hold. Twitter recently generated more than 90 percent of its income from advertising. After a month-long tug-of-war, eccentric billionaire Musk officially became the owner of the $44 billion social media network a few days ago.