The person who causes problems in the relationship

My ex is the woman I died of love but decided to leave behind. a week has not passed without controversy.

My ex is the woman I died of love but decided to leave behind. a week has not passed without controversy. Look, during the 2-year relationship, a week did not pass without such a fight and noise. I finally gave up...

peace disturbs


are cheating or suspect that they have been cheated

itches and needs to scratch

There is no such thing as a stoppage, every fight has a background.

we need to define the problem if they are matters of political or personal principle, they cannot be said to be unfair. we need to draw the boundaries from the beginning

it has given in itself the guarantee that you will not be able to leave.

in the simplest terms, it sinks comfortably, it feeds on chaos, it reflects its own problems to you. And sometimes you're going through a process, you're being mutually tested. Let's do a test together. Consider the answers to these three questions: (1) Do you love? (2) Can the problem be overcome? (3) is this process wearing you down?

If the 'yes' are in the majority, congratulations, you are going through a process, you are being tested. you can give it a little more time and choose open communication.

Relationship problems

If the 'no's' are in the majority, you're in a relationship that's overdue but has become a habit. you know what to do.

a big possible worried kacingan is someone who is connected. or it feeds on chaos. I say we lived brother and sister all of them and I would like to go to the therapist closest to friends in this kind of relationship.

Or it could be a situation that can be overcome by hugging the partner, open communication, inability to offend, and unconditional acceptance, I don't know.

She may love the thrill of make-up sex.

The person I used to think was acting like this because of communication disorder, traumas of childhood, maybe extreme heat. Then I grew up, I found out, it could be male or female, from his narcissism, the person who did it knowingly - calculatingly to get to the top in the relationship, advising those around him to do the same. no one benefits from that relationship. I'm a little crazy but don't be fooled by the lies that I love you so much, run away as soon as possible.

When you ask why are you doing this, it is the person who says, 'We haven't fought for a long time.'

He is a toxic fiancé who can jump into the day by saying 'why did x people call at this time' to the phone that comes to the café on the evening of a normal day (x person: my brother's wife).

After 5 minutes, divine justice is manifested and our lady daughter is called by person y (person y: manager at work). Immediately afterwards, the lady girl is called by the z-person, the conversation lasts for 15 minutes and continues, the patience is exhausted and the café is lifted.

plans have already been made to take our lady daughter to the place where she lives. but our lady girl starts to do things from the house and go or something (knocking on the door or something, these are the things in the classic series). ulan already take it in the morning when it comes!? retarded, anyway.

What causes the most problems in relationships

'Our troubles are not the same, we can't talk about it even if we want to,' he tweeted just now. as if he had been troubled in his life. it's not that my eyes didn't look for the button to your trouble.

Thus ends a 5-year toxic relationship with our lady daughter to whom I am engaged. by the way, our lady daughter is the person here. how audacious one is when one is sure to be loved. They didn't say in vain that if you love, you'll get bored.

that's one such memory. 5 years.. expensive be dictionary. I even taught them to write the supplement separately. anyway... it was a very personal entry. I'm sorry, my head is good

The problem arises, not the impasse, but we should not prolong it. it turns out to be skinny.

he has no heart to get along.

What causes problems in relationship

Regardless of whether a man or a woman sees it as a weakness, if he constantly feeds on chaos, he does not dare to end that relationship. he wants to be the one who finishes.

the person who adds excitement to the boring relationship in his own way

He wants to finish clearly, to leave, because he has found a better, more beautiful/handsome one.

no problem comes out of nowhere. problems are generally caused by miscommunication. problems persist and are not resolved despite your correct communication;

They are divided into two, the learned toxic ones: those in this group believe that they are valued as the problems they create are tolerated. they can see it as a woman's prayer and a man's command. Since the other group is people who belong to a strong personality structure, nothing stands still for them, even though they seem to cause trouble while they are actually standing still. that's why their manipulation is there.

they are people who should be avoided in any way. After a while, you won't have any more intense feelings for your partner, but you have to get along during the time you're together. After not being able to get along, neither emotions, nor beauty, nor opportunities have any meaning.