Things that double the horizon when learned 2023

To learn that the shortcut of the letters with hats is shift+3+letters. you don't ever use.

To learn that the shortcut of the letters with hats is shift+3+letters. you don't ever use..

To learn that zero is not a natural number...

Although I didn't realize it at the time, when I look back now, it is what has provided the vast majority of learning for me. it is to disassemble reading.

because if I didn't know how to read, I would even refrain from traveling alone in the city, let alone going on interrails. I couldn't learn other languages. I would have to be content with what I heard, with what other people said. I have never been able to read turgut uyar, attila ilhan, rimbaud, beckett, murakami, etc. I probably wouldn't have been able to access the cassette/cd-read versions of these. maybe I wouldn't have such a need either, and I wouldn't even know what I was missing. my appreciation and understanding of people who are illiterate but have raised themselves tremendously would be incomplete. as a person who lives in this world, I would be incomplete, and it would probably destroy me to know about it.

The fact that the cnbc-e logo is actually a peacock. I've been walking around trying to become an intellectual for years.

Why the layout of calculator and pc numpads is different from the layout of phone numpads. it's only 3. during the new transition to dimension(film, TV, cinema, photography, printing glasses, etc.), physicists had 11. the fact that they are doing research about size. the truth in popeye cartoons is that spinach gives animal power for many years as a result of printing the decimal point in the wrong place when writing the amount of iron in spinach in a German dietetic guide published in 1870, and in fact it is wrong. that the cause of black dots on the skin was never junk food and fatty food. m of football.s. the fact that it was discovered in China at 200. the largest airport in the world is the king Abdulaziz airport in Jeddah. the theory that images in parallel mirrors cannot reproduce forever.

there may be absurd things like; beethoven put ice water on his head before composing, no one took van gogh's paintings during his lifetime, and although he drank like crazy and lost his faith, he never painted drunk; Picasso burned his paintings and blank canvases to warm up in winter during his lifetime, and there may also be artistic trinkets.

The horizon width can be calculated by following the formula 2^(n+1) during the day.

(n= "the number of yilmaz morgul tweets entered during the day") (don't forget the avatar constant in case n=0)

To gather at the movies and learn that what they fry on the end of their sticks over that huge fire is marshmallows and realize that the taste of marshmallows increases 100 times when they process it the same way as candles at home.

To learn that 4% of the mass in the universe consists of atoms, and the remaining 96% of the mass consists of dark matter and dark energy, which we cannot see and do not know what it is, but which we can determine to exist from its interaction with atoms.

Only one in 100-odd shark-type shark is likely to attack people.

The fact that Toblerone's logo features a standing bear figure artfully hidden inside the mountain. I can swear.

The phenomenon we call nightmares is actually the fact that the energy body is lifted away from the physical and is not so terrible.

When all the space inside the atoms that make up a human is absorbed, the remaining matter is a grain of salt; learning that all the people in the world can fit in an apple.

One of humanity's most important inventions is the screw. yes, now sit back and think.. what would we be without screws, people..?

Solving the food problem of the African continent with the money spent by the US to prevent obesity.

That the idle car burns more gasoline than the one that goes into gear.when the bus driver gets it empty on the way to work, the friend sö am not the old me after this information edit: electronic household appliance says what you said is true but incomplete; If you have a car with an old carbrator in the new generation engines, it will burn less at idle, so I said I would do it.