Traits that are attractive to the opposite sex

1. vocabulary.

1. vocabulary. There is something indescribable in your vocabulary that creates desire in man. (see jean baudrillard)

2. strange things like fortitude, patience, resilience

3. A positive-positive reaction to a negative or bad movement. because this is a sign of mature personality.

4. high tone of voice and mathematical intelligence

5. listening to rock music.

6. some strong people appeal to me. both physical and spiritual. I don't like weak people. The problems exist for all of us, but I often ignore someone who doesn't have the strength to fight them. image is important yes but not everything. The appearance of the strong person also comes as well as the acquaintance of the beautiful person. that's it.

7. Being pregnant for 20-28 weeks.

8. I say this by leaving aside the visual elements. it's nothing but intelligence. the way you evaluate, comprehend, and interpret a situation is what makes that moment meaningful. To be exposed to an intelligent movement, word, thought is the most beautiful of obligations. the fact that it is of the opposite sex allows visual appreciation to pass one click on top.

9. round butt, plump and shaped legs. I can live for 3 years between a shaped hip.

10. both knowing how to cook well and writing literary stories that excite while reading.

11. kindness, honesty, sincerity, possessiveness, compassion, loyalty, respectfulness.

12. love, respect, offal

13. the presence of tissues in the anterolateral of the femoral proximal third of the tissues that are poor in prismatic epithelium with pseudolayered quinocylage, rich in goblet cells, and do not have any cytokine release in the cell groups due to acute inflammation

14. men with professional expertise and little talk often have personality. whether it's 140 pounds or they're interesting. if he can laugh and he's 45+. my darlings are mine.

15. be smart, toxic and funny.

16. the tone of voice, the taste of music and cinema appealing to me. have high energy and be confident (I'm certainly not talking about snob here). kindness and humility. In addition, if x is knowledgeable about something and can explain it passionately, especially if it teaches me something new and gives me a different perspective, it's very positive.

17. I am a patient of elegant, noble and simple women.

18. For example, I never thought I would write this. I don't know what you write white skin, breasts or thin ankles or something.

19. but I'll call it inner beauty. The benefits of being +25 are now ahaha.

20. understanding, compassion, labor, tolerance, subtle thinking, the ability to empathize, clarity.

21. strong posture.

22. at least normal psychology.

23. above all, a positive energy.

24. Is there a garavel master mixed? Put it mixed up!